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Art Changes Everything.

Our Mission

Founded in 1978 by a few Salmon residents looking to fill the need for cultural awareness and diversity in this region, the Salmon Arts Council exists to foster the growth, awareness and education of the arts and humanities in rural Lemhi County, Idaho.


It has been our mission from the onset to strive to bring out the best in small-town community life by offering a vast array of artistic and cultural experiences for audiences of all ages to enjoy and learn from. From musical performances of all genres to our Arts Academy and community arts initiatives, the Salmon Arts Council aims to engage all residents of Lemhi County in the arts, thus engendering our motto: ‘Engaged in art, engaged in life.”


Our Mission

Our Vision

We strive to bring out the best in small town community life by offering intimate artistic and cultural learning experiences where participants can meet the artists, volunteer to help with the wide variety of production details, and share the immediate joys and personal rewards each has to offer.


The SAC is a vibrant organization, highly regarded and respected as one of the first and leading arts councils in Idaho, and was the recipient of the prestigious 10th Biennial Idaho Governor’s Award for Outstanding Support of the Arts.  In 1990, the Salmon Education Association presented the Council with their “Friend of Education” award for all that is done to further the arts in the schools. The SAC is also the only rural arts agency in Idaho to have received two grants direct from the Expansion Arts Program of the National Endowment for the Arts to provide professional workshops for local artists.

Together, we are the Salmon Arts Council. 

Our Board of Directors works as volunteers alongside our  incredible network of volunteers to make art accessible to our rural community.



Tempe and Bullfrog.jpg

Tempe Regan

Tempe was born and raised in small-town Western Montana and first moved to Idaho in 2013 for graduate school at Boise State University. After obtaining her Master’s in Raptor Biology, Tempe moved to Salmon for her dream job as a Regional Wildlife Diversity Biologist for Idaho Fish and Game in January 2019. In addition to her professional career in biology, she is pursuing a side-career as an artist, specializing in scientific illustration using a variety of media, all inspired by the natural environment she works in. Tempe joined the arts council in 2020 and is excited about finding creative ways to provide access to all genres of art as well as raising the profile of art and art-appreciation within the community. She is looking forward to seeing how the combined gifts and passions of a diverse group can illuminate and elevate the artistic vibrancy of the community of Salmon.

Will Ferguson

Will first came to Salmon in 2015, shortly after the first visit he made the decision that Salmon would be his home. Aside from the beautiful landscape, he recognized the genuine sense of community and the opportunity to live an authentic lifestyle. Will looks for opportunities to make a positive difference in each setting. He also believes that art, in its many forms, is at the root of human connection which promotes health, both physically and mentally. Will believes that the best way to make a difference is by getting involved in your local community. He is a co-founder of the Adventure Crew, which facilitates music and art in the local community, and hosts an annual two-day music/art festival. His involvement with Adventure Crew ultimately led him to a connection with the Salmon Arts Council. He was voted onto the board of directors in the Spring of 2019. Will is passionate about the arts and is excited to see what the Arts Council as a collective will create in Salmon!

Jenny Gonyer

Jenny first came to Salmon in 2013, moving here permanently in 2014 after graduating from Whitman College to work at Salmon Valley Stewardship. Jenny joined the Arts Council in 2018 with the motivation to bring more public art experiences to town and the big dream to start a community art center. She has a passion for live music, attending shows and festivals throughout the year. Jenny was heavily involved in the Arts during high school and college, from dancing in Show Choir to playing bassoon, clarinet, and tenor saxophone, to creating wood block and book art prints. She is excited for the opportunities that art can bring to rural communities and seeing the community brought together by the arts.

Jenny Gonyer.JPG

Maggie Seaberg

Maggie had the opportunity as a child to live in various countries around the world and thus to experience many different cultures, languages and art forms throughout her travels. Growing up in a very musical and theatrical family she sang and played several instruments, and spent much of her life attending and performing in many plays, musicals and concerts. Art has always been an important part of her life! Maggie moved to Salmon in 2010 to work for the Salmon-Challis National Forest, met her husband Travis shortly after and they now have 2 children and are very happy to keep Salmon as their home. Maggie joined the Arts Council Board in the Summer of 2019 with the desire to help the Salmon Valley continue to be a place where everyone can enjoy and learn about many different forms of art while living in this beautiful and very remote part of the country!  

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Alexis Rodriguez

Alexis Rodriguez moved to Salmon just three years ago in 2017. This is the first time she has ever lived in such a small town and she is loving it! Alexis grew up in Davis California surrounded by the theatre, music, dance, and art of all kinds. She began singing, acting, and dancing in local theater productions at the age of 7. She soon found a great passion and talent for singing and began professional lessons at the age of 12.  By the time she reached college, she had already performed in over fifty musical theatre and dance productions all over the Sacramento Valley. After her husband joined the armed forces, Alexis had the opportunity of moving all over the country, and in every place she lived, she participated in and helped facilitate multiple artistic and theatrical productions. Alexis loves the arts and knows how enriching the arts are to a community. She is excited to be a part of the Salmon Arts Council and help bring the joy of the arts to our community. 

Myah Rodriguez

Myah is a sophomore at Salmon Jr/Sr High school. She loves participating in musical theatre and dance. She also finds peace in her drawing and painting. Myah is excited to be a part of the arts council so she can help bring music and arts to her peers and the younger generation of Salmon.

Marti Bryant

Born and raised in the town of Salmon, Marti grew up not only on the rivers surrounding this beautiful area but in the close-knit community where she came to appreciate the arts and culture offered. She left to travel and pursue her education, graduating with a degree in dental hygiene from OIT, returning home in 2012. She has been active in the hockey community volunteering and mentoring local youth. Her enjoyment of the arts, passion for a diverse cultural community foundation and desire to continue to grow and develop new opportunities for the Arts Council lead her to join in 2021.

MartiBryant (2).jpg

Colin Albright

Colin is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Having grown up in the heart of the rust belt, where unutilized space is abundant and public resources are slim, he learned to appreciate the value that headstrong initiative and community involvement can bring to public art programs. He moved to Salmon in 2018 and works for the Salmon-Challis National Forest. Like many others, he has been charmed by the scenic beauty, the abundant outdoor recreation, and the neighborly people of Lemhi County. After volunteering several times, Colin decided to join the Salmon Arts Council in January 2021, motivated by a desire to become more involved in local projects and to connect artists he knows to the opportunities that exist in Lemhi County. He has a deep passion for music, plays several instruments, enjoys writing, and seeks experiences with all manner of mediums when the occasion arises.

colin albright[6544].jpg

Lynn Tobey

Lynn was active in dance from a young age, growing up in the Seattle area she focused on Ballet and began teaching and mentoring throughout her teens. She graduated from the University of Washington with a love of travel after spending her graduating year at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Dance continued to be a passion and career for many years until the travel bug could no longer be ignored. Before settling in Salmon in 2019 Lynn had been spending summers exploring Alaska and winters in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, the Virgin Islands, and the Baja Peninsula. She is excited to bring her love of the arts and passion for adventure to the Salmon Arts Council.


Want to Join Our Team?

While our board is currently full, we would still love to know if you are interested in being a part of this amazing team in the future.

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